GR Barcrawl


What makes GRBarcrawl any different than other party bus companies?

In short, we're not just a party bus company. We are a specialized event concierge service that focuses solely on our guests. Our goal is to keep our guests entertained and full of smiles the whole night long!

What is the difference between an open crawl and a private crawl?

Our open crawls are available to anyone 21 years of age and over and are provided on a regular monthly basis (Sep-May). Included are our annual crawls such as our Santa Crawl, Halloween Crawl and St. Patrick's Crawl. A private crawl is individually booked and would include birthdays, company parties, bachleorette/bachelor parties, etc. Each of our crawls, open or private, are created around our clients preferences and needs.

What are the riding options?

Due to the size of our parties, GRBarcrawl uses limo style party bus options that accommodate parties of approx 22 guests up to 40 passengers. Private parties that include more than 40 guests please call for more options.

What bars do you go to?

Our venue list is endless. We always try to keep a diverse spectrum of chosen stops rather than hitting the same 5 bars over and over. Also, to add to your barcrawl experience, we don't relay our chosen stops to you until sometimes arriving at them. In addition, we look for special events around town that will fit our evening and guest list. For all of our crawls we look for venue offerings and great places that may include live music, karaoke or some other entertaining event.

Where do you start/end the crawls?

All meeting/drop offs are local to Grand Rapids but because each crawl is unique, meeting spots vary. Note: Once you have chosen to join the party and are confirmed, an email is sent to you with all event information.

What is included in the price?

When you choose GRBarcrawl you are getting more than a party bus. . You'll receive a beginning to end hands on experience designed around the themed crawl or your private celebration. All crawls include a 5-hr time frame and you are able to byob a small cooler to your event. Private crawls have the option to add more time and could include additional activities (i.e. bowling, paintball, etc) with an additional fee.

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